Worried About Mum Living Alone At Night ? Discover How Smart Lighting Can Help !

Imagine this:

  • Automatic lights in key areas: Mum walks to the bathroom, hallway, or stairwell, and lights automatically turn on, preventing falls in the dark.
  • Voice control for easy access: "Turn on hallway light," Mum says, and the light illuminates the path. No need to reach for switches.
  • Nighttime assistance: SmartGuardian sensors detect movement at night and activate dim lights, guiding Mum safely without disrupting her sleep.
  • Improved sleep patterns: Smart lights can mimic natural light, helping Mom sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed.
  • Convenience and savings: Lights can turn off automatically when no one's around or adjust to natural light, saving energy.

A SmartGuardian installation with smart lighting offers a complete solution to keep Mum safe, independent, and comfortable in her own home. You'll have peace of mind knowing she's protected, & Mum will enjoy the added convenience & improved sleep.

Learn more about the benefits of SmartGuardian & integrated smart lighting at www.smart-space.ie or call us today to talk to an expert.