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Creating Safe Spaces For Loved Ones

Smart Independence & Safety

Automatic Fall Detection

Latest 'No Device To Wear' Technology

'Mum Is Up & About This Morning'

Customised Daily Updates

Keep Mum / Dad Safe at Home, Even When You Can't Be There. No Annoying Devices to Wear!

Is A Fall Your Biggest Worry ? Panic Alarms Not Being Worn ?

Stop worrying ! Our SmartGuardian installations offer -

Automatic Fall Detection: Life threatening falls detected in seconds with instant alerts to you. No device to be worn.

Talk Directly To Mum: From within the room of an emergency to provide comfort plus you can assess the situation.

Need Help ? Just Ask ! Mum saying 'Help' anywhere in the home calls you for immediate assistance.

Need HELP Fast ? Just ASK !

Immediate Family Assistance

Life Threatening Falls Detected

Automatic & In Seconds

SmartGuardian Is More Than Fall Detection

Early Warning Signs: Of health issues like disturbed sleep, anxiety & mobility issues.

Alerts For Intervention: To talk to your Mum & have insight for proactive conversations with doctor.

Stay Connected With Mum: With optional auto-answer video calls. A tap on your phone to see your Mum's smile & hear her voice.

SmartGuardian uses smart AI technology developed for the care home sector to meet your family's needs & is Dementia-friendly.

'Mum Is Up & About This Morning'

Daily Activity Updates

'Dad Has Had A Disturbed Sleep'

Abnormal Behaviour Alerts To Act Upon

Lets 'Drop In' On Dad

Priceless Catchups

SmartGuardian Uses Subtle Sensors (No Cameras!), Keeping Every Room Covered, Even the Bathroom.

SmartGuardian is a professionally installed & maintained system. Our service is hassle-free - rented via a monthly subscription & removed free of charge when no longer needed.

For a typical home, the combined installation & rental cost for the 1st year is less than 2 weeks in a care facility & only 4 days for each full year of peace of mind thereafter.

In summary, give Mum / Dad the gift of independence & peace of mind with SmartGuardian


It was a real pleasure dealing with SmartSpace. Arrived on the dot. Were helpful and tidy and did a first class job in a situation which was not straightforward. Thank you.

5 STAR Review

Professionalism, Responsiveness, Communication, Value

John M (D14)

Nigel gave fantastic service. I would highly recommend him. 100% worth it. Not only was Nigel super professional and did an excellent installation job, but the level of customer service he provided was next to none. He ensured that we clearly understood how to use the app and that everything was in good working order before he left. If only more services were this good and seamless.

5 STAR Review

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

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Graham L (D7)