80% Of Over 90s Having A Traditional Emergency Alarm Did Not Use It Upon Falling

British Medical Journal, 2008

Lying Incapacitated >1 Hour Increases Risk Of Death In Next 6 Months By 50% Due To Related Complications

Velas et al, 1997

SmartGuardian Touchless Technology Is The Most Advanced Older Person Home Health Monitor Available To Dublin Families

SmartGuardian Is Completely AUTOMATIC. No Device To Wear. No Buttons To Press. Nothing To Charge & No Cameras

LIFE-CRITICAL FEATURE: Life threatening falls are detected AUTOMATICALLY in seconds throughout the home.

LIFE-CRITICAL FEATURE: Assess the severity of an emergency via 2-way talk from WITHIN the room, from ANYWHERE.

LIFE-CRITICAL FEATURE: 'Help Me' voice-activated emergency calls from ANYWHERE in the home.

"We take care of everything - installation & bespoke configuration to meet your needs. Always on, whole-home, long-term protection for less cost than a fortnight in a care facility & no contracts."

SmartGuardian is next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) & radar sensor technology that is being rapidly adopted across the global care home sector - now available to Dublin families in their loved one's homes. Additional features, including fall prevention, are:

'Changes in Behaviour' alerts warn of a potential deterioration in health linked to a higher risk of a fall or serious injury, like Disturbed Sleep Patterns, Wandering, Sedentary Behaviour, Extended Bathing, Increased Toilet Use, plus more. All aimed at preventing falls in the first place.

Activity alerts based on motion / no motion, like "Dad is up and about" or "Dad has not come down stairs this morning"

Temperature alerts to care giver, like "The living room is cold."

'Drop-In' chat (or video where optional screen used) without any action required from your loved one. So important for social engagement.

'Call John' type voice-activated calls from anywhere in the home (or video where optional screen used).

Voice-activated music, radio, news and information, like "Play Lyric FM" or "What is the weather forecast ?"

Smart routines, like "Good night" to turn off target lights & sockets or "Good morning" to turn on devices & send notification to care giver. [Requires optional smart devices]

Automatically shows who is at the front door. [Requires optional screen & Ring video doorbell]

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It was a real pleasure dealing with SmartSpace. Arrived on the dot. Were helpful and tidy and did a first class job in a situation which was not straightforward. Thank you.

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William F (Dublin 14)

Great service, very helpful and explained everything. Really impressed with how the team worked with available electrics in the house where possible


10/10 Recommend Score

Kyle O

Would highly recommend SmartSpace. From start to finish the process went very smooth, and the end result was better than expected. Very friendly, tidy and professional job.


Steve F (Lusk)

Had the pleasure of meeting Nigel from Smart Space yesterday. Excellent email communication regarding the appointment , the costs and the time. Nigel arrived bang on time for the agreed time slot and completed the job within 15 mins of the anticipated time. Nigel was superb. His workmanship, his manner, his technical knowledge and ability to communicate that knowledge was top class. I highly recommend Nigel and Smart Space.

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Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Kevin M (Dublin 16)

Nigel gave fantastic service, and I would highly recommend him. 100% worth it. Not only was Nigel super professional and did an excellent installation job, but the level of customer service he provided was next to none. He ensured that we clearly understood how to use the app and that everything was in good working order before he left. If only more services were this good and seamless.


Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsivness, Value

Lindsey G (D24)

Nigel was a true professional and a gent too. All in, it was a great job and very accommodating. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to friends, family and neighbours.

Google 5 STAR Review

Glen B (D24)

Excellent company. Provided a highly professional service from start to end. Promptly addressed all of our needs. Nigel is extremely attentive and a pleasure to deal with.


Jonathan O'B (D18)

Great service, very knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend Nigel.

Nuala C (D18)

Great service, on time, installation went extremely well. Definitely will use again, highly recommend this company !

Michael M (Dublin 2

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