SmartGuardian - Keeping Mum / Dad safe at home saves both €000's per month and emotional stress

As our parents age, the question of where they'll live often arises. In Ireland, many families cherish the idea of keeping their loved ones close, but worry about safety and potential burdens. Here's where SmartGuardian, from Smart Space Technologies based in Wicklow, steps in, offering a solution that prioritises both Mum / Dad's independence and your peace of mind, all while saving you thousands of euros compared to residential care.

The Emotional Toll of Moving Mum / Dad

The decision to move a parent to a care facility can be heartbreaking. It disrupts their routine, severs connections to familiar surroundings, and can lead to feelings of isolation. For adult children, the stress of managing care, coupled with the emotional strain of seeing a parent's independence fade, can be overwhelming.

SmartGuardian: Keeping Mum / Dad Safe and Sound at Home

SmartGuardian is a home monitoring system that uses advanced technology to give you peace of mind and keep Mum / Dad safe in their own home. Here's how it works:

  • Discreet Sensors: Sensors throughout the house, including the bathroom, detect falls and unusual activity.
  • Automatic Help Calls: If a fall happens, the system automatically calls your chosen emergency contacts.
  • Voice Activation: Mum / Dad can say "Help!" from anywhere in the house, and SmartGuardian will initiate a call for assistance.
  • No Wearables: There are no uncomfortable devices for Mum / Dad to wear, ensuring their comfort and privacy.

Financial Benefits: A Cost-Effective Alternative

The cost of residential care in Ireland can vary depending on location and the level of care needed, but it can easily reach many thousand euros per month. SmartGuardian offers a significantly more affordable alternative, with a monthly subscription fee that pales in comparison to the cost of a care facility.

Here's a breakdown of the potential savings:

  • Example: Average monthly cost of a care facility = €6,000
  • Monthly cost of SmartGuardian subscription = €100 plus a one-off installation cost

Over a year, the savings are substantial, allowing you to invest those funds in other areas or simply enjoy greater financial peace of mind.

More Than Just Money: The Value of Staying Home

The emotional benefits of keeping Mum / Dad at home are immeasurable. Familiar surroundings provide a sense of comfort and security, and the ability to maintain routines and social connections can significantly improve well-being. SmartGuardian empowers Mum / Dad to live independently while giving you the peace of mind of knowing help is always available if needed.

Imagine the relief of knowing Mum / Dad is safe and sound, even when you're not there. Imagine the joy of spending quality time together in their own comfortable home. SmartGuardian can help make that a reality.

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