An Alternative To A Nursing Home: Keeping Mum / Dad Safe At Home

We all get to that point in life where we start worrying about our parents, especially if they're living alone in Dublin. For many families, nursing homes seem like the only option, but navigating the system and the high costs can be overwhelming.

The Nursing Home Maze: Finding and Funding Care

Finding an available nursing home can be a long and stressful process. Once you do, there's the financial burden to consider. Here's what you might face:

  • Limited Availability: Finding a suitable nursing home with a vacancy can take time.
  • Fair Deal Shortfalls: The Fair Deal Scheme helps, but it doesn't cover everything. You may be responsible for additional costs like private rooms, specialised care, or even personal items. These costs can add up quickly, putting a strain on your family's budget.
  • Emotional Toll: Moving a loved one away from their familiar surroundings can be emotionally difficult for everyone. Uprooting their routine and daily life can lead to feelings of isolation and anxiety.

SmartGuardian: A Dublin Solution for Your Family

SmartSpace Technologies offers a reliable and cost-effective alternative for many Dublin families. SmartGuardian, originally developed for the care home sector, is now available for professional installation in your loved one's home.

Here's How SmartGuardian Saves You Money and Reduces Stress:

  • Stay at Home, Save Thousands: Avoid the financial strain of relocating your loved one. SmartGuardian allows them to remain safe and independent in their own home, potentially saving you thousands of euros per month compared to nursing home care.
  • 24/7 Peace of Mind: Receive real-time alerts about falls, unusual activity, or inactivity, allowing for faster intervention and reducing worry about your loved one's well-being.
  • No Uncomfortable Wearables: SmartGuardian uses advanced radar technology, eliminating the need for bulky or uncomfortable devices. This preserves your loved one's dignity and privacy.
  • Seamless Setup, No Hassle: Our team handles everything, ensuring a smooth and stress-free installation.
  • Complements Existing Care: SmartGuardian can integrate with existing in-home care services, providing additional coverage when needed.

SmartGuardian Isn't Right for Everyone, But It Could Be for Yours

We understand that every situation is unique. SmartGuardian may not be the answer for everyone, but it can be a game-changer for many Dublin families facing the challenges of nursing home care.

Discover if SmartGuardian Can Help Your Loved One

Call SmartSpace Technologies today on 087 057 0000. Let's explore if SmartGuardian can keep your loved one safe and comfortable at home, while saving you thousands of euros and reducing emotional stress. Our friendly team can answer your questions and help you determine if SmartGuardian is the right fit for your family.

Remember, Fair Deal doesn't cover everything. Let SmartGuardian help you bridge the gap!