Keeping Mum or Dad Safe At Home, Made Easy

Hey there!

I'm Nigel, and like you, I am at a stage in life where we worry about our parents staying safe and happy, especially if they live alone.

That's where SmartGuardian comes in! It's a service from my company, SmartSpace Technologies, a friendly and local Irish family business, based in Wicklow. We use the latest technology to keep your loved ones safe and sound in their own homes. No need to think about a move to a care facility, which can be stressful and expensive on everyone.

Here's the thing: traditional fall detection devices can be a pain. They require wearing, charging, and pressing buttons - all unnecessary burdens on our amazing parents. That's why SmartGuardian is different.

SmartGuardian: Peace of Mind Without the Fuss

We use cutting-edge technology, originally developed for Australian and US care home environments and now available in Ireland, that blends seamlessly into your loved one's home – no unreliable wearables needed! It works 24/7, so you can check on their well-being anytime, anywhere, and receive alerts if something might be amiss.

Here's what makes SmartGuardian special:

  • No Wearables: Forget the hassle – peace of mind comes discreetly.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: Check-in and get alerts anytime, day or night.
  • Easy-to-Use: Simple for everyone, no tech-skills needed.
  • Professional Installation: Our experts set everything. Zero stress.

Keeping Independence While Staying Safe

I'm passionate about helping families keep their loved ones safe and independent in their own homes. SmartGuardian gives you peace of mind and empowers your parents to live life to the fullest for as long as possible.

We started SmartSpace in 2018 bringing top-rated security solutions to Irish homes, and we've earned a sparkling 5-star Google ranking!

Let SmartGuardian give you the peace of mind you deserve. Call me on 087 057 0000 !


Nigel Cobbe,


SmartSpace Technologies