The Smart-Space Story

SmartSpace was founded in 2018 by Nigel Cobbe, an engineer with a background in commercialising disruptive technologies into the Space, Aerospace & Industrial Energy Reduction sectors.

SmartSpace was the first smart home installation company in Ireland to specialise in the Ring portfolio of novel 'Always Home' security solutions - from the infamous video doorbell to their potent range of security cameras and alarm systems. Over this period, SmartSpace has built up an unparalleled Google 5 star-rating for it's service, support and professionalism.

SmartSpace has since expanded its smart home focus to include SmartGuardian - the most advanced ageing-in-place technology platform available to Dublin families. SmartGuardian uses AI and the latest in radar fall detection sensors to provide always on protection throughout the home - all without the need for a device to be worn or buttons to be pressed in an emergency.


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