SmartGuardian Lite: Tailored Solutions for Specific Needs


While SmartGuardian offers the ultimate in home monitoring, we understand not everyone needs all the features. SmartGuardian Lite is a suite of modular services allowing you to choose the features most important to you.

  • Two-Way Communication: Stay connected with your loved one through voice / video  calls. Voice-activated "Help!" emergency calls to family.
  • Fall Detection: Provides peace of mind knowing you'll be alerted immediately in the event of a fall. Automatic detection in seconds.
  • Activity Monitoring: Track daily activity patterns and receive notifications if there are significant changes that might indicate a health concern.
  • Security: See and talk to whomever is at the front door via a video doorbell.

Start with SmartGuardian Lite and Build Your System Over Time:

The beauty of SmartGuardian is its modularity. Start with a SmartGuardian Lite offering, focusing on the features most critical for your loved one's situation. As their needs evolve, you can easily add additional features from the SmartGuardian suite to create a complete home safety system.

Both SmartGuardian and SmartGuardian Lite offer peace of mind and a sense of security for you and your loved ones.

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and find the perfect SmartGuardian solution for your family.