SmartGuardian Features By Plan

Note: We offer a fully customisable solution in addition to the plans below, so if you want to have different plans for different rooms, we can facilitate that. Talk to Nigel to find out more!


fall prevention, detection & abnormal behaviour alerts without a wearable


Abnormal Behaviour Monitoring: Over the first 7 days, normal behaviour patterns in each room are established and are viewed through our app on your phone. In app abnormal behaviours alerts can be customised to meet individual needs. Examples include not getting out of bed in the morning, UTIs, anxiety, disturbed sleep patterns and more.

Catch Increased Fall Risks Early: Such behaviour alerts are linked to a potential deterioration in health leading to a higher risk of falling. Addressing these early aims to prevent falls occurring in the first instance.


Automatic Fall Detection: Our advanced sensor technology can detect potential life threatening falls throughout the home in seconds. Night or day, even through dense steam in the bathroom, SmartGuardian is protecting 24/7.

Immediate Alerts: Receive instant notifications (including location) when a fall is detected, allowing you to respond quickly.


Professional Installation: Smart sensors are discreetly placed in each room to provide an invisible safety net for your loved one, without the need for any wearables!

Global Technology With Local Support: The cutting-edge AI-powered radar sensors and app were developed originally for innovative care home environments in Australia and USA - exclusively available in Ireland from us.




Voice Control: From anywhere in the home simply speaking a command removes all the fuss and confusion around devices, buttons and numbers.

If in distress, simply saying "Help!" notifies emergency contacts & calls you [designated contact] for immediate family assistance.

Saying "Call John!" connects with you [John] directly.

You can also 'drop in' on any room, equipped with CONNECT, for a check up with your loved without any action required from them.

Add Video: We always promote a screen in the living room so you can video chat without any action required from them - priceless communication.


Worry Less: Peace of mind comes from knowledge that your loved one is safe and going about their normal routine. We work with you to establish these routines and establish and program abnormal alerts bespoke to your loved one, such as:

"Mum's Up and About!" - Know they've started their day.

"Haven't Seen Dad Downstairs Yet" - Get a gentle nudge to check in if needed.

"Good night from Mum" - A message sent when Mum instructs her bedroom light off.


Most Powerful Voice Assistant Technology On The Planet: We physically modify and meticulously setup each Alexa device (over 40 settings) to provide the correct functionality, privacy and user-interface features required for Connect duties - even down to being unpluggable.

Endless Possibilities: Our service includes the setup of a whole variety of smart features that may help an individual, such as medication and appointment reminders, easy access to favourite radio stations - all discussed at your consultation.



our flagship protection & peace of mind


Combining the DETECT and CONNECT capabilities in each room allows you to do something extraordinary:

After receiving a fall alert, you can speak directly to your loved one from within the room of the fall to assess the severity of the emergency and to provide priceless comfort whilst help is on the way. All remotely from your phone, anytime, anywhere.


Lying incapacitated after a fall for more than 1 hour can increase the risk of death by 50% within 6 months.

Falls are the leading cause of injury and injury death in our elderly population.

PROTECT enables you to rapidly respond to a fall, firstly through reliable detection, and secondly, through immediate assessment, to ultimately organise appropriate help.


Combining the DETECT and CONNECT behaviour alerts can provide a very comprehensive, traceable and presentable early warning system (via the app) of deteriorating health symptoms which can be brought to the attention of a doctor. This feature aims to prevent falls or serious injury occurring in the first instance.

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