Hello AI. Goodbye Personal Alarms. Latest Safe Ageing At Home Technology


The Challenge For A Son or Daughter

Ireland is witnessing a rapid aging of its population, outpacing most of Europe. The number of individuals aged over 65 has surged by 35% in the last decade alone. Meanwhile, the nursing home sector grapples with multiple challenges, including exorbitant costs averaging over €6,000 per month and severe capacity constraints. Alarmingly, approximately 6,500 hospital admissions of older individuals annually stem from falls, with half of those remaining immobile on the ground for over an hour facing a heightened risk of mortality within six months. 


The Bottomline For Family

Maintain independence at home. Prevent falls. Swiftly detect falls. 

Leading The Charge 

The aged-care sectors in Australia and the US have surged ahead of Ireland and UK, swiftly embracing AI (Artificial Intelligence)-powered elderly home health monitoring solutions essential for safe ageing.


Our SmartGuardian Solution

SmartGuardian harnesses AI and radar sensor technology, developed for these pioneering care sectors, to deliver to Dublin families a truly cutting-edge approach to safe ageing at home.

Eliminating the outdated requirement to wear devices (click to see our post on AI removing need for wearables) or intrusive cameras, SmartGuardian uses a single AI-powered wall-mounted sensor in each room. This sensor builds a comprehensive profile of your loved one's movements and promptly alerts family members of deviations from normal behaviour, such as a life threatening fall (detected within seconds) that requires immediate intervention, or early signs of abnormal behaviour like disrupted sleep patterns, which can be addressed proactively to prevent falls ocuring in the first place.


Image of SmartGuardian Sensor In Kitchen With Lady Happy With Cup Of Tea


AI technology also powers our SmartGuardian voice assistant, enabling voice-activated emergency calls to family members, alongside a host of other non-emergency features, accessible from anywhere in the home. Need urgent assistance ? Simply ask !

AI is here and stands as our ally in safeguarding our loved ones.

Click HERE to witness SmartGuardian in action at www.smart-space.ie