The Installation & Cost

A SmartGuardian installation involves several key steps to ensure optimal functionality and usability:

  1. Onsite Consultation: To assess the your loved one's and family needs, the home environment and identify the most suitable locations for mounting SmartGuardian devices, based on required sensor coverage, proximity to power sources, and user functionality requirements.

  2. Device Installation: SmartGuardian devices are mounted in the agreed-upon locations, following the recommendations from the onsite consultation. Each device features an unpluggable power source and discreet wiring to maintain a neat and unobtrusive appearance.

  3. Additional Equipment Setup: If required, additional equipment such as screens for family video calls can be mounted on fixed wall brackets as part of the installation process.

  4. System Configuration: In parallel with the physical installation, each SmartGuardian system is meticulously programmed including emergency contacts, allowed caller IDs, behaviour alert thresholds and customising the user interface to suit each user.

  5. Training: Once the setup is complete, an extensive and comprehensive training session is provided to family members and their loved one if desired. This training ensures that everyone understands how to operate the system effectively and get the most out of its features.

The devices are proprietary to SmartSpace. We offer a rental agreement after an initial installation and setup fee. There are no minimum periods or penalty clauses, simply a rolling month to month rental subscription, paid by direct debit. The installation and setup fee also includes our uninstallation / recovery of our system and room reinstatement when no longer required.

There are many factors that determine the installation & setup fee. A typical 5 room SmartGuardian installation (bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen and a hallway) would be circa €1,800, including VAT. This excludes additional smart devices like smart bulbs, smart sockets, smart thermostats etc.

The rental subscription ranges from €1 to €4 per day depending on the number of devices required. Ongoing ad hoc programming changes are included to tailor the system as needs may evolve. This compares to an average €221 per day in a nursing home.