SmartGuardian Stories

Every household will have different needs ranging from an easier way to connect with their loved one to an always-on automatic safety net primed to catch life threatening falls. SmartGuardian uniquely covers these needs and more, is modular and expandable and can supplement existing technologies such as a pendant or a wearable device, if desired. The full range of SmartGuardian features require both ALERT and DOT devices in each room, however you may only require one or the other technology to meet your actual needs. If your needs evolve, additional devices / features can be added.

Here are some typical scenarios that may resonate with your own needs:

SCENARIO #1 "Communication With Help Option"

The Story: Dorothy has raised a family, is widowed, lives on her own in the family home and is fiercely independent. Nothing more lifts her spirits than talking to her family and grandchildren either physically or remotely, like Covid times, however technology can be a bit daunting to use.  Though she is reluctant to admit it, she has noticed a deterioration in her balance which caused her to fall getting out bed last month - nothing serious this time, other than her confidence being knocked, but a concern for her family and Dorothy going forward.

SmartGuardian #1 System: 1x SCREEN in living room with 2x DOTs covering the bedroom and bathroom. See below to price this system.


  • Easy voice commands to call her family like "Call John", listen to the radio, learn new facts and get medication reminders  
  • Family can 'drop-in' for a video chat in the living room or a chat in the bedroom with Dorothy without any requirement from her
  • The family can receive alerts if for example she has not come downstairs yet in the morning and can 'drop-in' to check up on her in the bedroom or bathroom.
  • Dorothy, and her family, get great peace of mind from the fact that if she does feel unwell or has fallen in the living room, bedroom or bathroom, she can call for help simply by saying "Help me". Once her emergency contacts receive the alert and call, they can immediately talk to Dorothy to assess the situation and provide comfort while help is on the way.

System Cost:



SCENARIO #2 "Panic Button Not Being Worn"

The Story: John wears an emergency alert bracelet - most of the time, at least during most days, however consistent wearing of it in the bathroom and bedroom in the morning and evenings can be particularly challenging. His daughter is worried because the reason for the bracelet in the first place is a fall he had in the bathroom which left him incapacitated on the floor until his home healthcare nurse arrived. Though only living around the corner from John, she knows they were lucky this time but recognises the need for a solution to alert her of an emergency that does not require John to wear a device, let alone push buttons.

SmartGuardian #2 System: 5x ALERTs covering bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen and hall. See below to price this system.


  • Completely automatic detection of life threatening falls throughout the home, without any device to be worn or buttons pressed by John.
  • His daughter is alerted of the fall including the location and can head over to her father's house or call his neighbour to check in on him.
  • She will also receive alerts of changes in John's behaviour such as disturbed sleep or bathroom visit patterns due to a medication change which may point to a deterioration in health and an increased risk of a fall

System Cost:



SCENARIO # 3 "Dementia & High Risk of Falling" 

The Story: Alice has being diagnosed with dementia and is already quite frail. Her wish is to remain in her family home for as long as is safe for her to do so. Her family has installed a comprehensive SmartGuardian system to allow her to do so.

 SmartGuardian #3 System: 1x SCREEN (Living Room), 3x DOTs (Bathroom, Bedroom and Kitchen) and 4x ALERTs (Living Room, Bathroom, Bedroom and Kitchen). See below to price this system.


  •  Alice spends most her time in the living room on her own or with the home care nurse. Between visits she can simply ask the SCREEN to call family by saying "Call John" and family can 'drop-in' to video chat with her without any requirement on Alice.
  • Family can receive customised alerts such as the heating has not come on or Alice has not been in the kitchen during the day for food etc.
  • Family will also receive alerts if there is a change in Alice's behaviour such as a slowing down of her walking, disturbed sleep patterns, etc - to take action before a fall or serious injury occurs. Alice can also ask for help by simply saying "Help me" which will initiate a call and alerts to family.
  • Lastly, SmartGuardian will automatically detect a life threatening fall within seconds. Alerts with provide the location of the fall. Family can then talk to Alice via the DOT or SCREEN in the room where the fall has occurred to assess the severity of the situation and provide comfort whilst help is on the way.

 System Cost:


Our SmartGuardian Estimator Tool can provide an estimate of your intended SmartGuardian system. Click HERE
The Payback Period provides a high level cost comparison of the initial upfront charge compared to average Irish nursing home costs @ €1,577 per week (Irish Times, 2020). The maximum Monthly Charge for a year is also less than one week at a care facility.
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