How Much Does Peace Of Mind Cost ?

SmartGuardian costs are made up of -
  • Professional & discreet installation
  • Unpluggable power sources
  • Setup of third party accounts
  • Emergency contacts activation
  • Bespoke programming of alerts
  • Smart routines (if required)
  • Customer training
  • Post installation follow-up tweaking
  • Initial rental amount
  • Device removal from the home by SmartSpace*

This charge ranges from €465 for a single room with a DOT to €2,395 for a four room installation, typical of most homes, that includes 4 ALERTs, 3 DOTs & 1 SCREEN. €2,395 is circa 11 days equivalent in a care facility.**



  • Rental cost of SmartGuardian devices
  • SMS data charges
  • Adhoc reprogramming
This charge ranges from €15 to €99 (capped)
    * As the devices remain the property of SmartSpace Technologies - when no longer needed the devices are removed by SmartSpace - a service included within the Initial Charge.
    ** The average Irish nursing home cost is €1,577 per week (Irish Times, 2020)



    Every family circumstance will require a different solution - click HERE for sample SmartGuardian stories (& costs) which may resonate with your needs.
    A Deposit is charged along with the Initial Charge. This is refunded in full upon the successful removal of SmartGuardian devices from the home when no longer needed.
    70% of the Initial Charge is due upon booking a SmartGuardian system with the balance of 30% due upon system handover. The Initial and Deposit payments are made via a bank EFT. Monthly Charge payments are made via a Direct Debit mandate.
    Monthly Charge payments are charged upfront for each calendar month. There is no multi-month contract, only a rolling month-to-month payment, which can be cancelled at anytime.
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