AngelAlert FAQs

What Is AngelAlert ?

AngelAlert is a next-generation, completely contactless, fully autonomous radar & artificial intelligence elder health monitoring and fall detection system. Following clinical trials, it is rapidly being adopted by major innovative healthcare providers in the United States and Australia (proven leaders in assistive living technologies) aimed primarily at care home deployment.

SmartSpace has exclusive access to this technology & through its AngelAlert service, is providing this capability to Dublin homes & families. 


Who is it for & how does it prevent serious falls & injury ?

AngelAlert provides both fall prevention & detection capabilities to anyone, of any age, that has a heightened fall risk, such as our elder and dementia populations. This capability aids them to age at home - safely.

It is typically used in homes with one occupant. If more than one occupant is detected in a room the fall detection capability is temporarily switched off - the expectation being that another person would react to a person falling in the first place.


What sets AngelAlert apart from other solutions ?

Unlike traditional health or fall alarm systems, AngeltAlert equips the home, rather than the individual, with devices - there is nothing to wear, push or charge & there are no cameras.

Through the use of artificial intelligence & sensor placement throughout a home, AngelAlert builds a unique profile of the individual, which acts a reference against which it triggers warnings of key Habit Changes that can point to a deterioration of health & an increased risk of a serious fall and injury. Preventative action can then be taken to reduce / remove the risk.


Can AngelAlert work in tandem with traditional systems ?

Think of AngelAlert as the first line of defence that is always-on requiring no action on the part of the individual to ensure efficacy of the system. Additional devices, such as wearable devices like pendants etc add extra layers of security.


How are AngelAlerts installed and what happens if they go offline ?

A AngelAlert installation, ranging from one room to a whole home, starts with a complementary at-home consultation to understand your needs, demonstrate the system & to allow us assess the feasibility & complexity of installing a AngelAlert system in any particular home.

Typically, one sensor is required for each room, mounted at precise heights & at optimum locations. They are calibrated & tested extensively post-installation. Note: Pets can trigger false alerts - particularly larger dogs which can mimic a person when lying down.

The sensors require WiFi & are powered using unplugable power sources to ensure power integrity. Note that if a sensor goes off line due to either power or signal issues, an in-app notification messaged to the emergency contacts.

A typical whole-home installation & customer training ranges from 4 - 8 hours - largely driven by the complexity of sensor power options.


How many AngelAlerts can be installed ?

A AngelAlert installation can be as simple as a single room such as a bathroom where there is a higher risk of slippages & serious falls in tandem with a higher risk that wearable devices are not worn. A one room installation would incur a once off cost of €500 plus a monthly fee of €40. A single bathroom sensor would provide the following health warning capabilities:

- extended bathing / toilet use

- increased toilet use at night

- wandering (daytime)

- surveillance

However, a more typical installation would equip 5 rooms with a sensor each - bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room & a hall/landing area to maximise the health monitoring capability of the system throughout the home.  A 5x sensor installation would be 5x €500 = €2,500 plus a monthly fee that is capped at €120.

There is no limit to the number of sensors deployed within a home.


How can I book a complementary AngelAlert consultation ?

Click on any of the 'Book A Consultation & Demonstration' hot buttons throughout the site. Choose from SmartSpace's industry leading online appointment engine to select a date & time that is both available & convenient for you, add to cart, go to checkout, provide your address & contact details, go to payment page upon which the order will be placed at zero cost - job done. You will receive an email confirmation at the time of ordering & a subsequent confirmation typically a day before the consultation. 


What areas do you cover ?

SmartSpace covers Dublin and Wicklow. Addresses beyond these areas can typically be serviced with prior agreement. Please do not book consultations for addresses beyond these areas without contacting us first at 087 057 0000 or here.