Ageing At Home Safely Is Priceless

AngelAlert Price Schedule
- €350 per sensor / zone charge
- €30 monthly fee per sensor, capped at €99 per home
Note: The sensor charge includes both the provision & installation of unplugable power sources, sensor calibration & testing, app setup & hire of the sensor. It also includes the removal of the sensor(s) when no longer required. Monthly fees cover SMS / data costs & preventative Key Habit Change reporting. SmartSpace owns the equipment.



A Typical Single Room Case Study

John wears an emergency alert bracelet - most of the time, at least during most days, however consistent wearing of it in the bathroom & bedroom in the morning & evenings can be particularly challenging. John's family are considering a single AngelAlert system in the bathroom to provide additional protection & peace of mind. A single AngelAlert sensor & power source installation & calibration costs €350 plus a monthly fee of €30 to cover data costs & Key Habit Change monitoring. Additional sensors can be added at any time.


A Typical Whole Home Case Study

Joan has been diagnosed with dementia with a higher risk of falling & injury but wishes to live independently at home in her community - supported with 20 hrs of personal home care per week. Joan's family are however concerned of her falling alone, risking distress, serious injury or worse & are considering a whole home AngelAlert system to provide peace of mind to all & to enable Joan's wishes.
The family compared care home fees with the provision of professional homecare supported with a AngelAlert system. The once-off AngelAlert installation & monthly fees of a typical 5 zone* system were spread across the first year.
Care Home Cost (€) At Home Cost With Care & 5 Zone AngelAlert (€) Year 1
Daily 224


Weekly 1,577 653
Yearly 82,000 33,938
---- ---- ----

Year 1 Saving (inc Angel Alert installation)

Year 2 Saving 50,560

* Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room plus Landing/Hall

Ageing At Home Safely is Priceless
 Each individual case will differ in the level of supports required. Additional supports such as accessibility & bathroom modifications plus ancillary supportive technology are common. The following table includes €21,500 of such costs applied to the same case study  - resulting again in a significant saving. But perhaps the biggest saving is enabling Joan to independently live at home within her community safely - simply priceless.


Care Home Cost (€)

At Home Cost With Care & AngelAlert (€)

(Year 1 Home Modifications)

Daily 224 148
Weekly 1,577 1,047
Yearly 82,000 54,438
---- ---- ----

Year 1 Saving (inc installation)

Year 2 Saving 50,560



Case Study Details

- the average Irish nursing home cost is €1,577 per week (Irish Times, 2020)

- a home healthcare professional cost is €29 per hour, 20 hours required per week

- a typical 'whole home' AngelAlert installation (5 sensors / 5 rooms) costs €1,750 at €350 per sensor, less a multiple sensor discount (TBD on a case by case basis)

- recurring monthly AngelAlert fees for a 5 zone system are €99


Care Home Costs


Ageing At Home Costs



Skilled nursing providing assistance with daily living / personal care, including medication management / administration & minor medical treatments.


Homecare healthcare professional providing assistance with daily living / personal care - circa 20 hours per week, 52 weeks per year.


Accessibility modifications to home -Once Off Cost (if required)


Bathroom modifications to home - Once Off Cost (if required)


AngelAlert - Once Off Cost


AngelAlert - Monthly Recurring Charges

Additional Supportive Technology - Once Off Costs 1,000
----- ----- -----
Once Off Total 23,250
Yearly Recurring Charge 82,000 31,188