SmartGuardian Details

The SmartGuardian Journey

SmartGuardian installations start with a complementary onsite consultation to determine the optimum combination of our SCREEN, DOT and ALERT devices required to meet you needs.
The devices are discreetly and professionally installed in the home, each with it's own unpluggable power source to provide always on protection. Each system is meticulously configured and programmed with emergency and family contacts - who connect with their loved one, and receive alerts, via their own smartphone. 
Each installation is expandable (in both protection type and number of rooms) and is reprogrammable to meet evolving requirements.
When no longer required the system is professionally removed from the home (this is included within the installation price.)

The Technology

Our SCREEN and DOT devices are modified Alexa devices providing access to one of the leading AI powered voice assistants and smarthubs on the planet. Each device is configured with over 40 setting adjustments to correctly setup privacy, functionality and user interface options to support ageing at home.
Our ALERT devices are the latest in AI enabled radar fall detection sensor technology, which is being rapidly adopted throughout the care home sector.
Our devices are typically wall-mounted. Where DOT and ALERT devices are present in a room, they are discreetly grouped together in an upper corner of a room.


SmartGuardian Costs

  • Device installation, including unpluggable power sources
  • Activation and setup of third party accounts
  • Emergency and family contact setup
  • Customised programming of alerts and routines
  • Customer training
  • Post installation follow-up consultation
  • Device removal when no longer required *



  • Rental cost of devices *
  • SMS data charges
  • Adhoc Programming costs
  • From €30 to a cap of €99 per month per home

* The devices remain the property of SmartSpace Technologies. When no longer needed the devices are Professionally removed from the home (this is included in the installation cost) and deposit returned.


Next Steps ..

If you have an idea of the configuration of SCREEN, DOTs and ALERTs you require, use the Estimate Tool below or click HERE to understand the costs involved.
Based on your estimated requirements you can then book a complementary onsite consultation and demonstration, by simply choosing an available date and time appointment that best suits you. 
If you would rather a more general consultation, simply choose your date and time without changing any of the SCREEN, DOT or ALERT parameters within the Estimate Tool.