5 Star-Rated Ring Video Doorbell Installations

Your original & 5 star-rated Dublin Ring specialist for Ring video doorbells & Ring security cameras.

Ring invented the video doorbell and with hindsight of many thousands of such installations, SmartSpace remains committed to providing the best video doorbell system on the market.

There are alternatives, some less expensive, however none come close to providing the level of ease of use and critically the stability of the combined video doorbell unit and the app.

We offer the three Ring models (see below) which provide a solution to pretty much all requirements. At a functional level they all do the same job - a full HD and wide field of vision image, with 2 way talk and night vision accessed by the same app which can be shared with multiple users at no extra cost.

The base 'Wired' model represents over 90% of our installations and the first we promote. Essentially it has all the features of prior flagship models for a fraction of the cost. If you require internal notifications, you will need to add a Ring Chime to your order as we cannot reuse your existing unit. If no existing cabling is present, no problem - we can offer a number of solutions - please contact us.

The flagship 'Pro 2' model features a unique lens that offers a 'top to tail' field of vision rather than the normal landscape viewpoint. This can be extremely useful if the existing doorbell wiring is very low to provide workable field of vision particularly with taller visitors. It will also capture if a package has been left on the mat. There are also a number of additional features, such as radar, which we believe have limited value, making it hard to justify the almost double price tag when compared to the above base 'wired' model.

The battery model is Ring's second generation offering. A potent solution if there is no possibility of getting power to the required location to deploy one of the above mains-powered models. It is rarely used as we can typically offer a solution to getting power to a unit.

Please contact us here if you have any questions.