5 Star-Rated Ring Security Cam Installations

Your original & 5 star-rated Dublin Ring specialist for Ring video doorbells & Ring security cameras.

Ring security cams offer an excellent mix of a highly visible security deterrent, wide field of vision and practical lighting for everyday life.

Typically deployed at either or both front and back gardens, the Ring Floodlight Cam is the workhorse of most Ring security systems providing powerful lighting to illuminate your path and come equipped with night-time vision, a siren and loudspeaker to ward off unwelcome visitors.

Ring's Spotlight Cam has all the functionality of the Floodlight Cam but without the powerful floodlights. Instead they have a twin LED strip built into the unit. We deploy Spotlight Cams in smaller areas such as passageways or side entrances.

Note: the Floodlight Cam model we use by default is the Plus model as we have found it both cost effective and extremely reliable. Ring's flagship Pro is also available to special order - please contact us here to discuss.