• AngelGuadian Installations start with an AngelConnect Screen and an AngelAlert sensor installed in the same room, typically the living room, with an upfront cost of €xxx and €30 per month rental.
  • Each additional room costs €yyy and a further €30 per month rental.
  • Monthly rental costs are capped at €99 per month per home
  • Note: you only need one Screen per home. The €yyy price is therefore for a Speaker, instead of a Screen, in each additional room. 
  • There is the option to add additional Screens in place of Speakers, except for the Bathroom.
  • A 2 Room Example (Living Room & Bathroom) bundle would cost €zzz (€xxx + €yyy) plus €60 per month rental cost.
  • A 4 Room example (Living Rmm, Bathroom, Bedroom & Kitchen) would cost €zzz (€xxx + 3x €yyy) less a volume discount plus €99 per month rental cost
  • All prices include VAT


What Is Included

  • Accounts and device setup for both AngelConnect & AngelAlert systems.
  • Supply of AngelConnect and AngelAlert devices via a purchase agreement (Echo Show screens) and / or rental agreement (Echo Dots and AngelAlert sensors).
  • Installation of AngelConnect and AngelAlert devices using an unpluggable power supply to ensure devices are always on - protecting.
  • Device power supplies are contained within their own enclosure in each room, typically attached to the skirting board beside a power socket, and the low voltage cables from this enclosure are routed to the wall-mounted Angel devices through cable trunking. For bathroom installations, the low voltage cables are usually routed from an enclosure located in an adjoining room, through a stud wall, and into the back of the wall-mounted devices located in the bathroom.
  • Ongoing customer support and new feature upgrades (automatic) during the duration of the rental agreement. 
  • When your system is no longer needed, we remove the rental devices plus their  power source infrastructure. Any fixture holes are filled. Successful removal of our devices and infrastructure triggers repayment of security deposit. 

What Is Required For The Installation

  • 1x Caregiver smartphone for and during setup. Additional caregivers can easily be setup during installation.
  • AngelConnect requires an Amazon account for your loved one. We can create one if we have a mobile number which has not been registered to an Amazon account before and an email address. If you loved one does not have an email address, we can also create one during installation.
  • WiFi at your loved one's home.

Next Steps

  • An AngelGuardian installation first requires a consultation. Please click here or on this option below